Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May Mayhem

1. Take all the boxes from the craft room, put them in the basement, and vacuum so my mother in law has a place to sleep tomorrow night!
What a lovely woman my MIL is, happily sleeping on an air mattress among my crafting crap.
2. Finish the damn bag.
Tonight. I've taken about half of the sewn on top off so that I can try to get it right...
3. Ten hours on Enchanted Alphabet
I probably did more. I love Needle Necessities. I should try to buy the whole set so I can substitute these more often...
4. Ten hours on Toy Gatherer
I have only one section of "brush" to do on the top of the arch. It's supposed to be evergreen boughs, but it's a right pain in the ass to stitch!
5. Complete Mill Hill Santa 5/19
6. Complete nephew's ornament 5/19
One down, two to go...
7. Start You Are My Sunshine for anniversary present.
I've ordered the fabric which is taking a while to arrive. I'm itching.

I don't think that's half bad!

1 comment:

Barbara said...

I'd say you kicked butt with your accomplishments this month!!