Thursday, May 25, 2006

I. Cannot. Believe.

I picked up Sissy's laptop bag last night. I have 29 rows (ten stitches) left to stitch. Then I have to sew this last section onto the bag and I can wash it. I could finish this tonight. I can't believe it! After this, no more knitted gifts for family. This is too much stress.

I finished the "True Love Order" ornament on the bus yesterday. So I took out the sheep chair project and continued to fill in the background. How do those needlepointers who just fill in the background do it? This project might kill me.

Well, of course, I couldn't stick with it too much, so I went through my WIPs looking for something bus-worthy. I pulled out some Prairie Schooler ornaments (Two-By-Two II). I had initially sent this out as a round robin, but only got three back. I decided to work on these for a bit.

And that started me thinking that one person has had three of my round robins since last October when she was supposed to send them back. I sent her a SASE so she could return them and she said she never received it. (The US Postal service is not this bad people. And she has a PO Box.) I don't know, should I try again to get them back? I don't want to give up hope... Am I somehow related to Anne Frank?


Kymm said...

How much is the postage to try to get them back? If it's affordable, I'd say send her an e-mail telling her your SASE is coming and you'll expect to have your RR stuff sent back promptly when she gets it, whether the things are done or not. Otherwise, I'd just chalk it up to experience and write her and your things off.

Coral said...

I agree with Kymm's second comment, just remember her next RR time, and get her off the list!! Sorry about that, she is giving stitchers a bad name.

Zohrah said...

1) SASE (ok you tried that and does not work)
2) Go and Get Them (if she stay in the same country)
3) Mark her off your list permanently.
4) And inform other stitchers or they would suffer the same situation.
I can understand 1 RR but 3. She moved 3 times?

Cheryl in DC said...

Let's hope the person with the RRs reads your blog, understands they are important to you, and feels compelled to send them back.

Is it worth sending her a SASE by registered mail?