Thursday, April 27, 2006

But I Am Stitching

My life is loca right now. When I'm not burning cds, tying Jordan almonds into tulle bags, or putting together a slideshow for the anniversary party, I am cleaning the craft room for my MIL. I'm really starting to realize how nuts it is to have your MIL come stay the day after you return from throwing a party for 40 people. And I'm not even doing that much work on it! (I am, however, burning CDs as I write.)

Work is even crazier. My boss is departing, and I see the chance to move up if I can prove myself. So I am working, working, working every minute. I do get an hour and a half of stitching or so every day still...on the commute. I have made great strides in three projects I am currently working on: a Mill Hill Cozzolino Santa ornament, a perforated Santa ornament from a BH&G Christmas book--a gift for a nephew--and the Ewe and Eye sheep on a chair. If I had it more together I could have scanned them when my sister had that rig all set up in the dining room. I also have the handwriting meme ready but no virtual visual at this time. Time, why can't I have more of it??

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Lee said...

Altho it's a little frazzling, it sounds like you're accomplishing whatever you set out to do. That's pretty great!