Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stamp of Approval

Last night, Sissy and I went to our Stampin' Up! demonstrator's house to stampastack. For a low, low price, she spends 10 hours cutting paper into the sizes we need, so that we can concentrate on stamping and assembling 12 cards. I'm very pleased. You can see the four designs here. I don't think the "heartfelt thanks" shows up well...there is "diamond dust" on the top of that pink flower. I also got to use my favorite color combination of brown and blue! Sissy had never been to Amy's house and she was on fire, cracking jokes, talking to everyone. For the first time in our lives, I'm the quiet one!

I like stamping at Amy's because there are nice open spaces (clean tables). Not like my house with the crappy craft room that is stuffed with boxes. Maybe I should make this a priority... I have been thinking of buying this table for the room. Of course, the price is outlandish. Maybe something like it.


Melissa said...

Anna- your cards are great. I have friends that enjoy stamping and creating cards almost as much as stitching. I can definitely relate to the lack of an uncluttered space to create. That project table is awesome. I'm now trying to figure out if I could somehow build my own with some bookcases and a door. I need a multiuse work area, one that will serve as a writing desk and then as a scrapbooking/sewing area when needed and also look nice in my living room. Right now that area is a fold out table in front of the window. Not really pretty to look at.

Your Souvenir Sampler is looking great. How are you coming along on that laptop bag? Are you using the pattern out of Stitch N Bitch Nation?

amy! said...

Anna --

You have to be able to do something similar to that table at Ikea. They have short bookcases. There's gotta be soemthing you can do for a stylish table top!

Barbara said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, and what great cards you created!