Friday, March 31, 2006

Month End

During March, I set out to:
Finish Sissy's laptop bag
Complete Souvenir Sampler
Stitch two more ornaments for family gifts
Complete Hardanger Napkin Rings from Stella Bjerg's class at SOX, VF, 1996.
Complete camp projects, so they don't linger in the drawer for ten years! (see above)

I've fallen down a bit on the family Christmas gifts. (Imagine, I can't keep my focus when the event is 260-something days away...) The PS Fishing Santa is done, but it was so densely stitched, and I had to do it on a small count to make it a good ornament size. I think I'll plan to do some very quick and easy ones this coming month.

At least I finished the camp projects. Gosh, camp seems like so long ago. I guess it's easy to forget that you relaxed when your job is totally stressing you out. I've been here for six months, and I don't know much more than I did the day I started. My boss thinks he is protecting me--from what I don't know--by not really telling me what's going on. I used to think he hadn't managed anyone before. But he makes a great deal of having "managed" free-lancers. I've come to realize that's how he treats me, like the full-time freelancer. I raised some objections to work flow the other day and now he's being all obsequious, but he still doesn't get it. Time to meet with his boss again...and maybe start looking for something new.

This job stuff is distracting me from the rest of my life. Suddenly I realize Marmy's birthday is coming up Tuesday. Yikes! How did I miss this? I seem to have lost my date book which doesn't help. I need to go to Joann's tonight and pick up a small shadowbox for the project I am making for her. Then I'll fedex it Monday. It will be there for her birthday. Poor old girl is laid up after foot surgery. And she started being bored Wednesday! Let's hope I can manage to negotiate this weekend and cheer her up.

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