Thursday, March 02, 2006

Marching to Destiny

Here's my March plan. My regular stitching plan will be interrupted by...stitching camp! DAYS of stitching! Days, I tell you. I'm really looking forward to seeing our unlikely gang, diminshed as we are by two. We'll make a merry little foursome.

  • Finish Sissy's laptop bag
  • Complete Souvenir Sampler
  • Stitch two more ornaments for family gifts
  • Complete Hardanger Napkin Rings from Stella Bjerg's class at SOX, VF, 1996.
  • Complete camp projects, so they don't linger in the drawer for ten years! (see above)

Last night, I found out that one of my former students died. I'm devestated by this. It wasn't as though we kept in touch, but I did follow his career (he was a professional football player). I can still remember the first paper he wrote for me. He was only 27. Poor kid.

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Barbara said...

Stitching camp sounds wonderful. I'm trying to get together with a few stitchers around here for one-day things.

Very sorry to hear about your student. I can't imagine the shock of such a discovery. I hope you'll be okay.