Monday, January 09, 2006

Wherein They Convince Me

I showed the Souvenir Sampler with the too-dated colors to Sissy and the Dude. They liked it. They convinced me that my mother wouldn't like the heritage colors and I have chosen the precisely right, bright, colors. So I am sticking with it. I've done pretty well too. Pictures soon.

Today, I received La D Da's Miss Mary Mack pattern from Wyndham Needleworks with their recommended fabric, Lakeside Linens Vintage Nutmeg. This weekend, I saw that Wyndham had a sale and I saw a couple of patterns I would have liked to add to the stash. But my weekend internet access is well, stolen, and so, not secure enough for placing orders. And this morning the patterns I wanted were gone. Boo hoo. I should just go shopping in my stash.

I was supposed to do some finishing this weekend with Friends Gather, but I was still coughing and that, combined with the codeine, was giving me a wicked headache. Next weekend, the dude is playing in a chess tournament, so I'll have some quiet alone time wherein I can attack some of the projects on my to do list.

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