Sunday, January 01, 2006

Let's Get it Started!

At the beginning of 2006, my unfinished projects include:
Moss Creek, Elizabethan Rose
Shepherd's Bush, Toy Gatherer
Hardanger Napkin Rings
Drawn Thread, Souvenir Sampler
Drawn Thread, Alpine Garden
Nutmeg Needle, Treasured Tulips
Dimples Designs, St. Basil's Cathedral
Watercolor Geraniums
Majestic Rooster
Dolly Mama's by Joey freebie
MLI's, Enchanted Alphabet
Good Huswife, Anna's Bird

Here's the stitching schedule:
January--Souvenir Sampler
February--Elizabethan Rose
March--Hardanger Napkin Rings
April--Enchanted Alphabet
May--Toy Gatherer
June--Anna's Bird
July--Watercolor Geraniums
August--Alpine Garden
From here, I'll focus on Christmas stitching.

My plan will be to work mainly on these pieces during the assigned month. At the end of the year, I should be down to only 4 ufos. Wow. Four.

Right there's your new year's resolution.

I will also be participating in the Miss Merry Mack SAL. I worry I won't be able to start on time because my stuff's backordered.

And I have a huge list of projects that need finishing. Maybe I'll talk about that tomorrow.

Happy New Year!


Mindy said...

Holy crow! You're in Havertown? I'm in Drexel Hill and thought I was the only stitcher in Delaware County. I found your blog through Stitching Bloggers. Looks like you have some nice projects going. The Drawn Thread gardens are so pretty. Some day I'll actually stitch the one I have, Alpine Garden.

Happy New Year :)

Lelia said...

Awesome lists! Good luck on your 2006 projects : )