Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Fine Finishing

These are the pieces that I need to finish:
Angel Stitchin': tree ornament
Bent Creek: Woolly, Flower Arch Angel, Acorn
Birds of a Feather: Moon Garden
CA Wells: Ornament
Dimples Design: Free Bee
Ewe and Eye and Friends: Plum Pudding, purple heart (name?)
Heart's Content: JCS Ornament "Hark," Plum Pudding--1997 Annual Ornament, Noel--1996 Annual Ornament, Williamsburg Doorway--1998 Annual Ornament,
Heart in Hand: JCS Ornament, 1997; Monthly Mania, January and August; 2002 Christmas Keepsake; Wool Whimsy Angelica
Heart Strings: One of the Jolly Company Santas; three ornaments from a JCS RR
Jane Greenoff: Trout kit
Krienik: Enough is as a Feast
La-D-Da: A-Z and In Between
Little by Little: Little Gift ornament
Lizzie*Kate: JCS Ornament (year?); Ho Ho Ho
Mary Garry: Freebie Needlebook
Mill Hill: Renaissance Angels, Star Garland Angel; Polar Santa
Mosey and Me: Spring Surprise, Molly Dog ornament
Moss Creek: JCS Ornament (year?)
Prairie Schooler: Two by Two Ornaments: babboons, flamingos, and penguins
Samsarah Designs: JCS Ornament (year?)
Sew Much More: Sewing Pouch
Silver Needle Secret Needle Night: September, October, and November (year?)
Sweetheart Tree: Treasured Trio I heart ornament
Theron Traditions: Diminutive Sewing Case
Twisted Threads: Sunflower Needlebook; Pins and Needles needlebook, scissor rest, and scissor fob; Trio of Hearts
Yarn Tree: Grandfather Frost
Miscellaneous/designers unknown: 12 days of Christmas ornaments (6); a pillow top stitched in 1998 by a student; snowman ornament

FIFTY EIGHT! Fifty eight unfinished stitched pieces. [blushes] There are six that I want finished professionally. That leaves fifty two that I can do myself. At a rate of four per month, I should almost finish by the end of the year. In addition to the goals posted yesterday, this is what I want to achieve in 2006. Remind me.


Mia said...

Anna, I got tired reading the list. WOW!! I am impressed. I can't wait to see photos of your "finally" finished pieces. I bet they will be gorgeous!

Cindy said...

OMG! I haven't counted my "finished but not finished" pieces, but I'm sure that you have me beat! Good luck with the finishing plan...we'll be cheering you on waiting to see your successes :)

Lelia said...

Your WTF list is incredible. Cannot wait to see pictures

WTF-Waiting to Finish