Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Year in Review

At the beginning of 2005, my WIP/UFO pile included:
Shepherd's Bush, Toy Gatherer--made headway, in fact, it's nearing completion
Heart's Content, Williamsburg Doorway--completed!
Drawn Thread, Baby Band Sampler--completed!
L&L, Enchanted Alphabet--made headway by sending it as a round robin
Moss Creek, Elizabethan Rose --no, magnifier in storage
Forget-Me-Nots-in-Stitches, Pins and Needles Smalls--completed!
Hardanger Napkin Rings--did not work on it
Drawn Thread, Alpine Garden--did not work on it
Nutmeg Needle, Treasured Tulips--did not work on it
Dimples Designs, St. Basil's Cathedral--did not work on it
Watercolor Geranium--did not work on it
Majestic Rooster--did not work on it

I completed the following pieces:
Heart's Content, Williamsburg Doorway
Drawn Thread, Baby Band Sampler
Forget-Me-Nots-in-Stitches, Pins and Needles Smalls
Prairie Schooler, 2x2 Animals II, baboons
Bent Creek, Flower Arch Angel
HIHN Angelica, Wool Whimsy
A Whimsical Element, Flip Flop Fun
Indigo Rose, pin cushion
San Man Originals, patriotic freebie
Lavendar Wings, Sara
Mary Garry Sewing Cabin, Needlebook freebie
Anne, Petite Bergere
Ewe and Eye and Friends, Vous et Nul Autre
Mill Hill, Polar Santa
Yarn Tree, Grandfather Frost
BOAF, Moon Garden
La-D-Da, A-Z and In Between
Krienik, Enough is as a Feast

And I knit:
handpainted yarn Booga Bag
brown and pink Booga Bag
black and purple eyelash Booga Bag
purple Sophie Bag
Sissy's poncho
hat and scarf for cousin
Scarf for Sissy's best friend
Scarf for neice

Although I did finish 25% of the UFOs, I wish I had been able to make more headway on the that list. I have to admit that I wasn't very dedicated, but I also had issues related to the move--so much essential equipment was in storage, including some of these UFOs. I am going to make completing these and, in fact, finishing many of the completed projects a priority in 2006. In between fixing up the house. Right.


Mia said...

Your list of finishes is very impressive, Anna. You did lots better than me. I am hoping to change that in 2006.

Anna van Schurman said...

Well I was unemployed and without a house to keep or children to tend for 6 months. Anyone can have an impressive year with those constraints!