Friday, December 16, 2005

News of the Weird and Wonderful

I have gmail set up to send me news stories about cross-stitch as they hit the web. Mostly, I get announcements about "stitch and bitch" sessions and craft fairs (sadly none in my area) or obituaries where the dead woman will be remembered for her love of cross-stitch. Recently, they sent me a link to this story about Jang Dong Gun's visit to Singapore (that's him in the Korean movie, The Brotherhood of War).

"Meanwhile, one of his fans, Miss Jennifer Chan, 39, has prepared her own memento for her idol - a cross-stitch piece of his handsome face.

The administrative manager said she spent more than three months on the handicraft which she's mounted on a photo album.

'He can afford to buy anything he wants, so I'd rather make something special for him. It comes from my heart, and it carries my good wishes,' said Miss Chen."
I know I have commented before on how weird I think it is to cross-stitch celebrity faces, but there's something heartwarming about this story, sweet even.

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