Tuesday, August 30, 2005

English Magazines

I was in B&N yesterday treating myself because I punished myself by eating bad Chinese for lunch. They have a great magazine section. I pulled a bunch of card crafting magazines and a couple of cross-stitch ones to browse through. Since I subscribe to the American stitching mags, for some reason I can't truly fathom--oh right, it saves me money--I mostly looked at the British ones.

I don't get them. It's not some sort of Lost in Translation problem; after all the Dude is a Brit. There is a preponderance of tiny patterns to make cards. I can't understand them. It takes way too long to make something people won't keep. And there are whole magazines devoted to the topic. Even the magazines that are more generalized have pages and pages of tiny patterns. The thing I hate most about really small patterns is that they don't even look like the thing you are stitching unless you squint. It's too pixelated, if I may apply a more techologically advanced concept to our craft. But what I don't get most of all is stitching a pattern of Sir Cliff Richard. Okay, I don't even get Sir Cliff Richard.

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