Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Will the earth open and swallow us?

Last night, I got out Sissy's poncho. It's the only thing left on my list for September. I found where I was, stitched 6 rows, and screwed it up again. Now you can see why I avoided it for so long. Today I brought it on the train and stitched 5 rows.

The trouble I have is that you do a YO (making a stitch) to increase the piece from 78 stitches to about 148. Then you purl them all. Then you decrease. That decrease gets me every single time. I try to count that row when I finish it but it slows me down so much. (Of course, not as much as having to rip slows me down.) Today, I counted as I stitched it. That seemed to work. I only have 5 repeats--about 40 rows--to do before it is done. Sissy is coming to visit us next week. I think if I make this a focus piece, I can actually finish it. It will only be ten months late.

I'm making hardly any presents this year. I think that ought to help me get the ones I am making done on time.

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