Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Stripping and Knots

Today I had to go in to do paperwork for my job and have a physical. It was really weird having a physical for a job that will involve writing. I had to give blood for a measles test and have a tuberculosis test. It's crazy. They were joking in the office that the blood test was a drug test--they had to be joking because if not, they broke the law because no one told me there'd be a drug test. Any way, they were joking because one of the mucky mucks who interviewed me told my supervisor that he'd better tell me about the drug test . . . since I was from California . . . and an artistic type. I got a good laugh. You know how the SoCal locals are always sparkin' up! Why would I take illicit drugs? They give me atarax for $5 a month!

Anyway, I needed a small project for the train and all the waiting I (correctly) anticipated I would do. So I took along Polar Santa, one of the new Mill Hill kits from Sandy Cozzolino. On the ride home, I was stripping my floss. Now, 99999 times out of 100000, you can just whip one strand out of the bunch with no trouble. Today I experienced that odd time. I had so many knots I had to work them out from Market East station to Bryn Mawr. So I only got about 40 minutes of stitching time on the ride home. If I decide to stitch instead of read on the train, I could have many, many new ornaments to put on the Santa tree this year!

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