Thursday, July 21, 2005

And so it begins...

I've put 4 hours into the "scissor rest," part of the Needles and Pins smalls.
If you think of the pattern as having rounds instead of bands, as in a band sampler, I have completed three of the six rounds. Wow, that's a long way of saying I'm half done! At this rate, I should get to the needlebook before my ten hours are done. Then, it's on to sissy's poncho. I swear.

While I was working on this, my cousin asked what a scissor rest is for. Now, that's a good question. The designer had told us it was to prevent the points of your scissors from coming in contact with your finely finished furniture. Then my cousin asked why you'd put the points of your scissors on the needlework instead. She makes a good point. I'm guessing that the scissor rest can be used for somethings else. Any ideas?

More weirdness at Wegman's: someone is singing America the Beautiful. Loudly. Having never been moved to sing publicly myself--or patriotically--I marvel.

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