Monday, January 24, 2005

Weekend update

This weekend, in addition to packing loads of books, I worked on two of my round robins. You can see the results below. The first, the Prairie Schooler RR, is a nutcracker santa. The woman who owns the rr stitches backwards (to me) and has asked others to do the same. This is an exercise in Alzheimer's prevention. I can't tell you the number of times I start a row in the wrong place and realize partway through that I'm stitching normally. Here's what I mean.

I stitch
4 2
1 3

I'm being asked to stitch
2 4
3 1

Instead of stitching left to right //////xxx, I have to stitch right to left xxx\\\\\. The only real difference is it comes out with the opposite leg on top. And it makes you think.

The other picture shows the Heart in Hand Wee Ones bird series. I have a feeling I am going to stitch this pattern A LOT--there are 8 of us in the RR and I think everyone's doing it! I chose autumn this time because I had a lot of the colors. Have to run out and buy two WDW to finish this one. It went fast--just about as long as it took New England to kick sorry Pittsburg ass. (Seriously, the Steelers have done a great job to get to the playoffs with a rookie QB.) Much faster than what I have asked people to stitch (Wee Santa), I feel kind of bad about that.

Amy! stopped by to look at some of the Australian magazines I have to part with. She agreed that they had a great feel and took three of them. In her perusal, she discovered Tamari--of course it just so happened that I had a couple of books on how to do that as well. Never used them, too mathematical and precise a hobby for me. And we gave her a couple of brief lessons on football, because I couldn't actually turn off the tv just because someone visited. I'm a seriously bad host.

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