Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I should have married a business man, then I'd have nice things.

I finished the co-worker scarf on the ride to work this morning, just need to bring it into the house so I can weave in the ends. Then I can start on the neighbor scarf. I'm going to knit that lengthwise with four different yarns. I think it will come out nice. And since my neighbor is so desperate for a handknit scarf that she was going to take the most hideous scrap scarf that I made and was too humiliated to give to a relative, I'm sure she's going to love it. Got the yarn on e-bay, and supplemented with one ball that I picked up at the lys when I was there on Saturday getting the wool I needed for my aunt's booga bag i-cord. Although I have enough acid green to make the handle, I wanted magenta. It looks a lot better than it sounds, maybe I'll remember to bring the camera home tonight.

I wasn't able to finish the dumbass Wee Santa, however, because I ran out of WDW Beige. Who would think that a "wee" pattern would need more than 5 yards of floss? And why are they only making 5 yard skeins anyway? Because it's cheaper? In what way? I went through all my flosses to see if I could come up with an adequate substitute, even checking here to see what was recommended. Oatmeal was too white, harvest basket too dark, picket fence not dark enough, pebble too pink and straw bonnet too yellow. I'm so damn close to being done! I want this project out of my hands! I'm sneaking out of work today at 3:30 so that I can get the floss to finish this off. And that's another pain in my ass! Why isn't my lns open past five? Oh, I'm not supposed to have a ft job if I want to cross-stitch; I'm supposed to sit in my stitching chair in the warm bosom of my family with children at my feet and a roast roasting for the "dh" when he comes home from winning bread. I forgot.

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