Monday, November 01, 2004

Stitching Bloggers QOTW: Banished

What would you do if stitching was banished by law? I suppose I would become a stitching outlaw. Before they came to take away all my stash, I'd find a way to hide my floss and some fabric. I think I'd risk one or two patterns, but I'd have to give some up for the great burning of the cross-stitch stash. (I'm picturing Nazi Germany book burnings.) I think I'd find a way to lift the floor boards in my closet so I could put my stash in there. If you saw the state of my closet, you'd know no one would bother looking around in it: too much crap. Then I'd have to learn to stitch by candle light or something. Eventually, like the early catholics, we outlaws would develop a little sign to acknowledge each other in public. Maybe index finger pressed to thumb. Or a floss-stripping motion. Would we be daring enough to arrange clandestine meetings? Would we gather to share the patterns we socked away, or would we all become designers? Would an underground pattern 'zine spring up? Would we disguise our patterns as knitting patterns? Or would it just be easier to put our energies in the other crafts that we currently neglect in order to spend more time stitching?

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