Friday, November 05, 2004

Get Crackin'

My Heart in Hand Wee Ones RR has been on hold. Of course, you know me, I got right on it [/sarcasm]. Now, all of a sudden, it's back on again, and I have 5 days to get it laid out, collect the overdyed flosses, stitch my piece, and ship it out. Ack! I've decided to do the Wee Santas, but I've only collected a small number of them. I've got '96, '00, '01, and '02. I'm going to need some information on '97-99 and 2003 and 2004. I need to know the dimensions and the list of overdyed flosses each pattern requires. Now is not the time to be shy. Now is the time to check out your collection and tell me what I need to know to get this thing in the mail!

I had a nice chat with the lady that makes Colorscapes washable overdyed fabric today. I'm not the type to stick my stitching on bold fabrics, but when a designer makes something as great as Flip Flop Fun, you have to stitch on the original. Of course, this means more investing in fancy floss (she uses lots of wildflowers and some flax n' colors)--I just received a birthday stash extravaganza from Nordic Needle: lots of flosses I need for, um, something important, a new doo-lolly, and a new stitching bag. Sure, I spent a lot, but I did a long penance for losing the last stitching bag before I bought this stuff. And I know that it is truly what people would have bought for me for my birthday if everyone hadn't been in the hospital (a bit of an exaggeration only my father, uncle, and grandfather were in the hospital, but that pretty much takes care of all my female relatives who buy me gifts--and my sister, who can count on her to get me a birthday present on time? Hey, the dude owes me a present too. C'mon people, it was almost a month ago.) Well, that's my mood shot. Have a good weekend.

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