Tuesday, September 21, 2004

My Name Is Anna and I have a Problem.

Okay, yesterday I copped to starting the Little House ornament from the JCS Ornament Issue on Sunday. The truth of the matter is that I started three things on Sunday. Technically, none of them are on the rotation and I haven't finished the two pieces that I still have in my September to-do list, including finishing the baby blanket for the baby due in 4 weeks. (But they're both pretty close...I got an excuse for everything.)

First, my sil's hat is the lamest present. It's a nice hat, don't get me wrong. And it matches last year's scarf. It's just that the Sophie Bag that my other sil is getting is so nice that I feel bad about the hat. So I'm stitching her the Little House ornament, which should be quick.

Second, while I was tooling around the internet looking for freebie patterns for my freebie rr, I found a Lizzie*Kate freebie that says, "Snug as a Bug." Bug is a pet name in our house, so we just have to have this little piece. HAVE TO, I say. I think it will be part of the Dude's Christmas present.

The last one is triply horrible. It's an obligation piece for a wedding I attended last October. I decided to stitch M Design's Celtic Heart from JCS. You can see Dani's here (9/14). I love the design but for some reason I decided to stitch it over one. And, I, um, have about 5 weeks to finish it before the one year deadline. Maybe I won't finish this one. I think what I should do is revert back to the quickie wedding gift I've stitched a thousand times (okay, just 4). It's an old pattern, from a magazine, designed by Kandace Thomas. Taken from the Book of Common Prayer (how appropriate since the brides are both Episcopal ministers), the sentiment says "A Free Heart I Give to Thee." I like it because it's also a little bit feminist. (Of course, in our society some hearts are a little freer than others.)

I think I might start a clinic. It will be for stitchers and other crafters who can't seem to get themselves through a project. You'll come to "dry out." The only items you'll be allowed to bring are pieces that you have begun stitching. There will be no trips to the outside world. If you run out of a floss or other essential item, there will be a special shopper who will make excursions for you. You won't enter a stitching store for months, and you will have nothing to do but finish the pieces you have started. No housework, no cooking, no chauffering the kids, no schoolwork, no work. If you want to do a round robin with the other addicts there, that will be allowed (so it may seem like you are stitching new things, but your old stuff is being completed) but only under the careful control of a mentor (to make sure you don't sign up for too many rrs). I imagine, much like the Betty Ford Clinic, we'll have a lot of people who come in for a couple of weeks every year or so. I'd probably check in from October to December 24.

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Chris McGuire said...

Love it. Commit me to that clinic!