Thursday, September 02, 2004

For some reason I wanted to title this Sick Fuck...

Oh, I's because I am one! Over the past few days, I have been putting together a list of projects that I want to do. This is what that looked like:

  • Sisters and Best Friends, Christmas Folk
  • Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania February
  • Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania March
  • Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania April
  • Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania May
  • Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania June
  • Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania July
  • Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania September
  • Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania October
  • Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania November
  • Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania December
  • Twisted Threads, Sweetie Peetie Pumpkin
  • Prairie Schooler, Santa Rides
  • Twisted Threads, Kind Heart
  • Mosey 'n Me, Gracie
  • Cricket Collection, Frost
  • Holliday Sparrow, We Three Kings
  • Mosey 'n Me, Hanging by a Star
  • Twisted Threads, Itty Bitty Duo of Trees
  • Cricket Collection, Why is it?
  • with my Needle, Abigail’s Wisdom
  • Cricket Collection, Upon a Pumpkin
  • Bright Needle, Friendship
  • Sisters and Best Friends, Chilly Willy and His Best Friend Nick
  • Barrick Samplers, Willow Tree Sampler
  • Curtis Boehringer, Apple Sampler (from a magazine)
  • Drawn Threads, Random Thoughts
  • Hillside Samplings, Folk Art Thread Keep
  • Sampler Company, Floral Sampler
  • Sheepish Designs, Spotless Innocence
  • Heart's Content, Friendship Saltbox

And here's where it gets weird. I wrote down the dimensions of each project. Did the math to figure out about how long each would take. And ordered them by number of hours. These are just estimates, but for example the three Christmas Folk Ornaments would take about 15 hours, the Monthly Manias about 19 hours each, all the way up to the Friendship Saltbox that will take 418 hours. If that weren't enough, I put this information into a table and now I've added two columns to figure out whether I have the fabric and the floss I need. Lots of dedicated stitchers do this too, I'm sure.

But I've got Christmas presents to make and the WIPs to finish before I can go spending four hundred and eighteen hours on a project!

Oh, and I signed up for a bunch of round robins. To, uh, do in my spare time.

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