Thursday, July 01, 2004

Finishing technique

I finally finished the acorn that was supposed to be for my grandmother's birthday. At least she'll be able to display it for a few days before it will be packed away with all the other seasonal crap she has. (Her living room has a wide plate rail up near the ceiling and she changes it out for every season. She has all these horrifying porcelain and resin scenes--the winter village, the autumn houses, yadda yadda, and stuff I make her. Which is nice, my other grandmother gave away the stuff I made her; at least she had the sense to give it to my aunt.)

I can't reveal the finishing because I did take the class (online) from Lois at
Elegant Stitch and you should too. I can say it involves pins and foam core board. And most importantly no sewing!

This weekend, I've got to spend the time I have away from my s.o. madly stitching the anniversary present. I hope to have a good picture to show on Tuesday.

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