Monday, March 08, 2004

Afghan report

I have completed the sweet pea--at least for now, we'll see what we'll do about the mistake. I moved on to the signature block because I thought I could finish it last weekend. The old ball and chain went to a chess tournament (to play, finished T4th for his division, yay he-who-hasn't-played-competitive-chess-in-15-years), so I thought I would have lots of time to work on it. Only I was interrupted by the L.A. marathon. The race completely blocks in my neighborhood (we had to park the car in a different area so the hubster could leave for the tournament on Sunday morning). But I managed to distract myself by: 1) watching the race--it's so cool to see the elite runners glide past. Makes me think about taking up running. 2) making lots of birthday and St. Patrick's Day cards (to keep up the New Year's resolution). 3) walking to a restaurant for lunch. Despite the end of the grocery clerks' strike, we haven't been back yet. 4) heading to Pearl to see if they had a 1" or 1.5" square punch. (They didn't.)

So I didn't finish the signature block but I am close. I have three corner motifs and the line "by avs for mas" to complete. Then it's just the jasmine pot and the rest of the hydrangea. . . and hours and hours of backstitching.

Jen, I'm going to get to your memes, but Monday is for the afghan and I was out of the office on Friday. Keep them up!

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