Saturday, February 07, 2004

Shopping in my own closet

I've been looking all over the house for my Stitcher's Pocket Inventory recently, and I finally found it today in a backpack at the bottom of my closet. Surprisingly (or perhaps you will recognize this behavior), it was still packed much as it had been when I returned from Tulsa last March. Shockingly, I also found the stash I had purchased there: Heartstrings Roly-Poly Santa (with the fuzzy fibers The Silver Needle likes to substitute. . . mmmm, Very Velvet); Trilogy's Happy Bunny Bunny Day; Liberty Street Designs Rose Bunny: Sisters and Best Friends' Winter Peace; and Birds of a Feather's Scared Silly. There was also a grab bag of fabric. Additionally, the charms I had special ordered from my LNS for Sophie's and Peter's Stockings were in there. I hadn't been able to find them before I left for NH for Christmas where the stockings were to be hung, and as a result, my mother wouldn't hang them. I was wondering if I had ever ordered them. Good thing I found them because that would be a costly duplication. Now that the rest of my crafting stash is organized, I shouldn't have this sort of problem again. "Famous lost [sic] words," as mum says. Because I started Roly Poly Santa--did I mention I love stitching with Very Velvet? ;) --I have to add another project to my UFOs. File this one under "less than 30%". Does this put me back up to 19? Will I ever get ahead?

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