Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Real Time

In the movies, they hardly ever film in real time because real time is very boring. Imagine a character going to the doctor's office and waiting for the 40 or so minutes this sort of thing takes. You the viewer have to suffer along with them for 40 minutes. It can be effective depending on the subject matter, but, with all due respect to Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, we watch stuff because it's about something. (I will cop to watching Seinfeld reruns several times a day.) I'm starting to feel like reading this blog is like watching me stitch the afghan in real time.

So I'm going to confine the afghan to Monday reports. That way you can skip Mondays if you feel like you're stitching the afghan in real time. Only without the glory.

I've recently updated my Stitcher's Pocket Inventory (affectionately known as The Geek Book, because you know you are a stitching geek when you can carry a record of every stitching supply you own). I've added some of the pages that I found at Stitcher's Organizer: a rotation page and "finished but not framed." I have created a rotation that will begin the day the afghan goes into my mother's hands.

  • Hearts and Flowers, Carriage House Designs

  • Noel Ornament, CA's Eclectic Collection

  • Eiffel Tower, JCS February 2002 (a new project! A wedding present for a friend, one year mark in May)

  • You are My Sunshine, Bent Creek (for a cousin's fetus due in May)

  • Fa La La ornament, Twisted Threads

  • Toy Gatherer, Shepherd's Bush

  • Geranium, JCS

  • Professor Fizzby's Freebee, Dimples Designs

  • Tulips, Nutmeg Needle

  • Roly Poly, Heart Strings with thread substitutions by Mimi Shaw

  • These will be added as others are finished based on the size of the project being rotated out: Itty Bitty Trio of Hearts, Twisted Threads; Hardanger Napkin Rings, Stella Berg; Williamsburg Doorway, Heart's Content; Alpine Garden—remind me this one has a mistake in the center square—Drawn Thread; Majestic Rooster, aka The Frickin' Chicken, Linda Gordanier Jary; Elizabethan Rose, Moss Creek; St. Basil's Cathedral, Dimples Designs; Enchanted Alphabet, Lavender and Lace; Pins and Needles Smalls, Lauren Sauer; Sunflower Smalls (I've decided to redo the scissors keep), Lauren Sauer; Beaded Sewing Pouch (I've looked at it again, and decided I liked it); Heart in Hand Monthly Mania (I've done January and August. I changed the January snowman's nose to a carrot, and I've got to redesign March entirely because that leprachaun creeps me out.)

    So, yup, it's true. I have 21 projects on the go.

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