Friday, October 03, 2003

You're out there!

I haven't done a google search on needlework blogs since I started writing this. Before then, I checked obsessively. I guess I just figured you'd let me know you were out there. So I went blithely along thinking that a!sh, mb, bmh, and st were my only readers. Now it turns out I am on people's lists. Who knew? You didn't tell me! I didn't go through all the trouble of figuring out comments software for nothing people! You don't have to leave your e-mail address if you don't want to.

Anyway, this brought up a conversation elsewhere, and I just want to correct a misperception. Dragon Dreams designs are very pretty, but I was just not thrilled with her ornaments. "O Holey Knight," while a delightful pun, was a low-point.

But I am the Stitch Bitch and WYSIWYG. I can't go all soft now.

I found a way to take out a minimal number of stitches to make the correction on the Gladiolus-Freesia. I made some record progress on it as well. The stalks are almost done, and I've begun work on some leaves. I have to keep at it so I can get through these huge sections with just 3 colors (boring). When I begin to go completely out of my mind with boredom, I'll start the flowers. And when I'm bad, I'll punish myself with backstitching--because I still have to backstitch parts of Gallica. Ugh.

So you'll see some new people on the website. I'm going to be a bit strict about how much you have to write about needlework to be included. As lovely as your children/spouses/houses/knitting (are/is), I'm looking for blogs that focus. Don't be shy to tell me that you're out there!

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