Monday, October 20, 2003

Where does the time go?

I began a new square on the afghan; this one is a hydrangea. The backstitching on this is going to be a bitch because every one of those tiny flowerettes that make up the snowball of a hydrangea flower has to be backstitched. Ugh. On the happy side of things, I calculated that this design should only take about 27 hours which means one hour of stitching per night during the week and two on weekends, and I should finish on schedule. Of course, I calculated that on Friday night.

On Saturday, my sister came over to use my scrapbooking supplies and since the materials were all over the dining table, I did a couple of pages. And she got me a gift certificate for the scrapbooking store, so I had to go spend that. I have absolutely finished my honeymoon album--that one just had two pictures that needed to be blown up and put in. Then I started in earnest on our cross-country drive in 1993. Of course, while the stuff's all out I want to work on that, and I did on Sunday too. I also got a significant portion of last Christmas's photos done for my aunt--this was her birthday gift. Scrapping is just another distraction at this point--I've got to plug away on the afghan. I promise to put all the stuff away tonight. And I'll do the hydrangea while I watch Monday Night Football, or not depending on how badly the Chiefs slaughter the Raiders. Can I make up 4 hours lost in one night?

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