Works in Progress

Here's what's "in my hoop." This list may give you agita, if you are a one at a timer. It may make you feel a little better about your list if you are a few at a timer. But if this list seems normal to you, you should check out Linda (page one, page two) if you want to feel better about your long list!

1. Holiday Sparrow, Tall Guys Christmas
2. Lady Gray, Lilybet
3. Carriage House, A Mind Independent & Free
4. Raise the Roof, Off the Deep End
5. Moss Creek, Elizabethan Rose
6. Nutmeg Needle, Treasured Tulips
7. LTD, 16th Century Knot Garden
8. Theresa Layman, Mermaid
Our Souls, Midsummer Night Designs
10. Blackbird, Tis the Season
11. Heart's Content, Merry and Bright
12. Mill Hill (Sticks), Love Me, Love My Dog
13. Teresa Layman, Leave a Light on
14. Mirabilia, Emerald Mermaid
15. Marquoir Bleu et Rouge
16. Dimensions, Santa kit
17. Dimple's Designs, St. Basil's Cathedral
18. Brightneedle, Friendship
19. Blackbird Designs, Friendship Gathering
20. Good Huswife, June Morning
21. Cross-Eyed Cricket, Great Pumpkin Conspiracy
22. Giulia Punti Antichi, Deruta Biscornu
23. Hands to Work, Two Fine Houses
24. Watercolor Geraniums

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