Monday, January 04, 2021

Say Hello to My (New) Little Friend

I wrote this post last spring, but never published it. It all still stands; let's celebrate Frida's Gotcha Day with her debut.

Because I've been away for so long, things have happened that you may not have heard about. Last June, we lost Stella. In early December, we realized how much we miss the pitter-patter of little feet. We had a few weeks off coming up so we started looking in earnest, filling in applications, and meeting and greeting. The first dog was a hard no with the dude. You may remember that Stella was a bit of a handful, so he was really wary. This new dog was a bit rambunctious (he called it aggressive). The second dog was a no from me. He was described as a "perfect" dog by the foster, but when we met her and her husband (and the dog) little issues came leaking out. I mean, I didn't believe he was perfect but he sounded pretty good. He was...a hound. And those who love a hound, love a hound. The rest of us know they are independent and difficult to train. As we walked him, it was difficult to even get his attention. We talked more with the fosters, and we all agreed he wasn't the right dog. (It was like the mutual breakup on Seinfeld.) We talked about what we were looking for and they agreed to keep an eye out for us. Unbeknownst to us, the first place was also keeping an eye out. And that's how we met Frida.

Unfortunately, it took us into January to find her, so we were only home for a few days before we went back to work. And she had hookworm so she couldn't go to daycare. Nevertheless, we persisted.

The Embark DNA test tells us she is 45.6% mountain cur, 37.8% pit bull, and 12.2% American Staffordshire terrier. And 100% lovable dufus.

She is a very cuddly, 38 lb lapdog. 

If Stella was a Ravenclaw (and she was so smart), Frida is a Hufflepuff, friendly and loyal. But she also does a spot on imitation of Dobby.


zregime said...

lol - that IS a good imitation of Dobby. She does look very lovable and will bring you loads of laughter, I'm sure. 2021 looks very bright for your family.

Linda said...

Love your new furbaby Nikki.


Sandra said...

Frida looks adorable. If she has any Staffie in her she will be very loyal. I love that last photo of her, it made my laugh so much.

jhm said...

Congrats on rescuing someone who looks like she has a heart of gold.

Robin in Virginia said...

Hello Frida! Love the last picture of her. What a cutie!

Terri said...

She is beautiful!! Congrats!