Monday, May 25, 2020

Tis A Season, Anyway

Tis the Season cross stitch from Blackbird Designs, red cardinal holding holly in beak
I know last time I was talking about projects, I said I was going to start something new to commemorate what I've taken to calling The Inside Time. I didn't have all the colors of the project I chose, and it was getting late, so I just grabbed a project I had already started--Tis the Season by Blackbird Designs. It is stitched on Lakeside Linens Pear with the called for Belle Soie (that's how old this is) silks. I started it in July of 2013 for my aunt who had asked that I stitch something she could take out every Christmas. Then she told me to take my time. I bet she regrets that!

In November 2017, I started those snowflake motifs (shown here) and I put the one under the tail in the wrong place. Because I am a changed stitcher I took it out and restitched it. First one at a time and now fixing variations. I hardly recognize myself. 

Anyway, I am really, truly going to start a new project. (The third sign, no doubt!)

In other news, I need a new place for my workspace. I am tired of working on a laptop when I usually work on two huge monitors. I haven't gone to retrieve my work computer because there's no place to put it. The dude is working in the study and I am a nomad living out of a bag working on the dining room table and clearing up every night before dinner. It's become clear we are in this for the long haul--at least the summer. By mid June, I'll know what's happening next semester. I'm sure that if the students aren't back on campus, we won't be, but I think our office might not go back to campus no matter what (we don't work directly with students). It suddenly occurred to me the disaster I call a craft room (the work with the organizer didn't stick) would be a logical place--one where I could even stand to work. (I am also missing my standing desk.)

So I've started shoveling out. I'm 1/3 of the way there...and finding projects and kitted projects I had forgotten about. Lucky us!


Julie said...

Pretty birdie.
I wonder what exciting things will be found in the craft room (soon to be office as well).
Happy sorting and organising.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your Cardinal stitch is looking good, Nikki. Good luck on the sorting and organizing!

Astrids dragon said...

The Cardinal looks great, hopefully it won't take you too much longer to finish the rest of it.
You never know what you'll find when you clear up your craft room, have fun!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The seasonal piece is looking great and your new habits are very commendable!

Good luck with excavating the craft room. It is definitely worth getting a decent space to work. My brother is home-working right now and really misses his double-monitor and the SPACE in the office!
My parents are getting used to be barred from the kitchen/dining room when he has Zoom meetings too.

Anna van Schurman said...

Hey gang! I'm not sure why people think this isn't finished? The top photo is the completed project stitched as charted. By me.

The craft room, however, is a long way from being office ready. :)

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