Tuesday, April 21, 2020

My Floss Came!

When we last visited I had started working on Our Souls even though I knew I would soon run out of dark pink floss. While watching Endeavour, I completed all of the light green and medium green stitching.

As you can see it took about a week but I received the replacement floss and I'm ready to complete the flowers. I still  have to figure out what to do about the initials since the original pattern didn't include an alphabet. {hard eyeroll}

This is Our Souls
by Midsummer Night Designs
stitched on a random piece of linen
with the called for Anchor floss
In the meantime, I picked up an oldie but a goodie, Ladybug Ladybug by Rabbit Works. This is stitched with WDW Ladybug and, you may recall, I had a bit of a worry when I had to do the whole piece with not very much floss. I was able to get replacement floss, but it doesn't have the sharp black that the original floss had. (It goes from red to very dark maroon.) But I'm now stitching every third (or so) letter with the original floss, and it's going swimmingly. I'm having a hard time putting it down to get back to Our Souls.

We've finished the part of Endeavour we have available in the US, and have moved on to Fortitude. Apparently we're just going to watch shows with one word titles that imply moral strengths. Any recommendations?


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Glad the threads arrived in time.
You could use the alphabet from the second piece to stitch the initials on the first?
That red/maroon/black thread is lovely.

lewmew said...

Maybe not a strong character, but Unorthodox shows a lot of strength!

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy to hear your thread arrived! Our Souls is looking good. Lovely colors! That is one of my stitching pet peeves -- alphabets not provided for personalization when it includes that. Ladybug Ladybug is looking so pretty. I have no suggestions/recommendations on shows!

Julie said...

They are both lovely.

Anne said...

Not a moral strength, but Granchester fits the one word title and continues the alphabetical order.