Tuesday, July 17, 2018


To start my next anniversary present, I needed a few flosses. I headed to Strawberry Sampler to pick them up. And of course a few non-floss things jumped into my basket. Those included Heart in Hand Today Forever (a future anniversary sampler) and a few of the flosses I will need to start that one; Plum Street Samplers A Hundred Ways (the Jane Austen quote) (another future anniversary sampler!); and Plum Street Samplers Woolemina (you know how I love sheep); and two olive buttons for Amy Bruecken patterns because they were a quarter each. I couldn't resist that price! I don't even know if I need them!

They didn't have one of the flosses I needed so I headed to the internet where I found more things I absolutely needed. That little Mill Hill polar bear was on sale as was Merry Two, so I picked those up. And then I saw Heart in Hand's Always You (you can't really see it in the photo), and I had to buy everything for that one! And I have a third future anniversary sampler to add to the pile.

Y'all, I might be back in this thing!


Robin in Virginia said...

One can never have enough new haul especially when you might not be able to get it down the road. Glad you were able to pick up future anniversary stitches! I look forward to seeing the reveal for this year's.

Astrids dragon said...

Great stash haul!
How close are you to Strawberry Sampler? I went there for the first time last month and loved it!

Pamela said...

Great purchases! I look forward to seeing these future samplers.

Linda said...

Great new stash Nikki.


Beth said...

I am loving most all of the new Plum Street designs.

diamondc said...

Anna: You have some great stash.
I look forward to seeing your progress.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great stash enhancing. Nice to see you planning for future anniversaries too. I am sure your husband is comforted by that!