Monday, March 05, 2018

Birthday Party Hats

I know I ended that last post, all, "I am a crafter, hear me roar! Nothing's gonna stop me." But it turns out sleeping in a house that is 49°F makes you really flapping cranky. And stoppable.

I couldn't bring myself to make anything on Sunday. I would have had to pack everything to bring somewhere else where there was heat and light and power and I couldn't. {Sad trombone.}

However, when I was planning craft month last year, I was also planning my 50th birthday party. And I made a craft for that day and was planning to show you in March. In the end, I know it was a craft I did 18 months ago, but it fits the birthday theme. And it is awesome.

Called "Party Hats for Grown Ups" they are super simple. You paint paper mache cones (4" x 2") with acrylic paint. (My party had a pink and gold theme, and I used two pinks, gray, and metallic gold paint.) When they are dry, decorate. I used scrapbooking supplies, pearls, paper flowers, pom poms, ribbons, and metallic pipe cleaners. 

Then you hot glue them to a head band. I used headbands that were wrapped in ribbon. They cost a bit more, but I think hot gluing to ribbon was easier and more secure than hot gluing to metal.

Then bring them to the party and make people wear them!
This is Nicole without whom I would have frozen to death.

Everyone wore them from 3-73 years old! (Somewhere there is a picture of my dad wearing his as a beak.)


Robin in Virginia said...

What a fun idea! Happy belated 50th!

Linda said...

What fun hats.


Julie said...

They look great, fun times!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great idea for making hats that actually stay on people's heads.

diamondc said...

Anna: What fun, Happy 50th, I saw 50 almost 20 years ago.


Beth said...

Wearing the hat as a beak made my laugh as that is exactly what my grandfather would have done back in the day!