Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Craft Month 2.0

That 2.0 refers to the fact that this was the plan for last year, which did not happen, since, you know:

A couple of years ago, I asked what you'd like to see. But I made the poll a sidebar poll, and it has ceased to exist. So I can't remember exactly what I asked, or what you said, but that's unsurprising because half the time I can't remember my own damn name (thank you, perimenopause). I did come up with four themes at that time, and that was in my bullet journal so I went back to it. Four themes goes so nicely with the four full weeks of March. And then there's three more days. Let's ignore those for now. These are the themes I've been planning:

Week 1: Birthday! 🎂
Week 2: Valentine's Day 💗
Week 3: Halloween 🎃
Week 4: Christmas 🎄

As usual many of my crafts will come from Pinterest. (Seriously, where did we get ideas before?) I've chosen a few things I'm going to make each week, like cards and an entertaining segment...because why not? The dude and I used to entertain all the time in L.A. but now we have a crazy dog who makes that so much harder. Each week won't have the same crafts reinterpreted mostly because I do not need another damn Halloween wreath, and I can't necessarily interpret each craft for each theme. (Plus I'd get bored, won't you?)

So tomorrow and Friday and Saturday, I'm just going to try to get something done. No themes. Winging it. Not as prepared as I hoped, but more prepared than some years. Whee!

Stop back tomorrow to see what I've made!


Linda said...

Looking forward to seeing your crafts each day Nikki.


Beth said...

Good luck! I'm doing better staying on task this year - The first halk of 2017 was a disaster for me.

Julie said...

I'll be back to see what inspired you ... enjoy!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Woohoo for Craft Month!

I bet I voted for something using ties.

Anyway, my favourite week is going to be week 3.

Robin in Virginia said...

Yay, Craft Month is back! It is always such a treat and so much fun to see what you create.