Saturday, January 06, 2018

Button Up Your Overcoat!

Hello, friends! Thank you for your encouraging words on my pathetic output of last year. You are a wonder.

Although the weather outside is frightful (Below zero in southeastern Pennsylvania? Crazy talk!), I haven't stitched quite as much as I might have sitting here bundled up on the couch like Bob Cratchit (stocking cap, scarf, fingerless gloves). I did continue to work on Nunavut Santa as promised. I think one more round ought to do it!

Speaking of ornaments, the tree is down and the little glitter lights that I love to watch in the afterwork hours (and dine by) have disappeared. I'll have to find another way to add some sparkle into these dark cold (cold cold cold) nights.

Stay warm; unless you're near the equator. And if you are, you might not want to mention it to people on the east coast of America right now.


Robin in Virginia said...

Nunavut Santa is looking good. It doesn't look like you have much to do to finish him off. Enjoy your weekend and keep warm!

Beth said...

You also do not want to know how mild it is in the Pac NW.

Margaret said...

I'll gladly send you some Auckland warmth!

Julie said...

Stay warm and cosy.
DH was only saying here today he is missing the twinkly lights now the decorations have gone away, he's lit a candle!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I needed an Nunavut coat today, I was working in the cold attic at work. I did have 6 layers on, tights under my jeans and two pairs of socks. And fingerless gloves!

diamondc said...

I love working on perforated paper, this design is beautiful.
Stay warm we have winter storm warning this evening and tomorrow.


Linda said...

Nice progress Nikki. I love this design.