Friday, November 10, 2017


My threads arrived today. And when I went to put them in the project bag, I noticed something:
The threads on the left are the ones I bought previously. The ones on the right arrived today. It does say right on the tag that they are five yards instead of six. So you know I had to go check, and yup, I paid the same for both. I must have missed the announcement. It probably doesn't matter for this projec; it's just the principle of the thing, like when you buy the food in the same sized box or can but there's less in it. (The retailer did say the length in the product description, I guess I didn't realize that was less than before...)

Anyway, another day of not stitching. I was running around all day trying to find something to wear for the gala tomorrow.


Robin in Virginia said...

Nice looking dress! Did it come home with you? Interesting about threads with amount and cost! Enjoy your weekend!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hmm, sneaky with the thread though, because projects say "you need two skeins of this colour" but now you might need a third.

Beth said...

My toaster strudels have gone from a box of six, to a box of four - for the same price.