Sunday, November 19, 2017

Keeping It Real

Stella has started reverse sneezing. If you've ever heard it, you'll know my pain. The best way to help the dog is to stay calm. That's hard.

I've picked out the holiday cards I'm going to make and set up a little Christmas-is-in-a-month schedule. I'm still in the delusional phase where I'll get it all done.

I made an apple crisp to take to a potluck but the desserts got hidden away so only two people had taken any when it was time for us to leave. The dude is happy; he enjoys it for breakfast. (He made pull apart rolls.)

The potluck was the high point of my day which also included folding a ton of laundry and picking up clutter.

I've decided my contribution to Thanksgiving is going to be beets and pumpkin. Can't decide if I should just roast both to act as a balance to the richer dishes. Or if I should make a beet tartin that no one will appreciate.

Even though I took out and planned to stitch June Morning, I didn't get to it. Sometime this week.


diamondc said...

Hi Anna: My dog does the same thing, I just pet her and talk softly and she calms down, the vet said it is nothing to really worry about, I still worry, it pains me to see her do this.
I am getting Christmas Cards ready to write out, ugh a task I do not like so many to send.


chickenchupacabra said...

Rubbing my little dogs throat gets her to stop.

Robin in Virginia said...

I'm with the Dude about the apple crisp. I look forward to seeing what Christmas cards you create this year.

Amy said...

A friend of mine finally went to the vet about her dog's reverse sneezing, and got medication for him. It worked within a few hours!

I look forward to seeing your cards!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Oh dear, you are feeling down in the dumps today! I am glad that the dude appreciates your cookery if no-one else does!