Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Floss Tube

Facebook was the first of the social media platforms to dig into the blogging audience. But I have always thought of my Facebook as a place where I connect with my grad school buddies. Sure my college friends are on there and I'm even friends with some high school friends--and even some of you. I've joined a couple of stitching groups, but always seem to drop out of them again because I feel like I am being bombarded in a place where I want to make inside jokes and annoy the fuck out of my mother. (It's her fault; I was there first!)

Twitter didn't make much of an impact, I think, on blogging. Mostly because bloggers predominantly used it to promote their posts, and if you're subscribed, what do you need someone's tweet for? (I'm there too, but that's my angry political space.)

Instagram stole away a large portion of the audience since what bloggers do is share photos of our work and (oftentimes struggle to) write a few paragraphs. With Insta, you didn't have to do the struggling. Pop up the photo--make sure it's a good one!--and say just a few words.

I've been aware of vlogging for a while now--my god, the whole enterprise started the first year I had my blog!--but in our house, it's alwasy been so intrusive to watch. Usually I'm on one couch stitching and the dude is on the other reading. Watching videos online is always a balancing act. Sometimes the dude asks if he can watch footie highlights or I'll watch a clip of the twins my sister posts.

And then I got sick...in a house where the Roku stopped working. We never bothered to get the wireless doohickey for the smart TV, so when that went...{sad trombone}. Then I was all like...doesn't Vonna (Twisted Stitcher) vlog?

I have been watching her back catalogue for the past two days while I stitch. And all of a sudden, I'm subscribed to half a dozen channels. Don't worry about me abandoning this blog--first of all, it's ancient and I love it. Secondly, I'm a text based person. I have all these mad writing skills!

I stitched on Waldorff today. And since it's black fabric the photos will be better tomorrow. Come back then!


Robin in Virginia said...

Well, I am glad you aren't leaving your blog. I look forward to seeing Waldorff tomorrow. I hope you are feeling better.

Stitching Noni said...

Love your post! I must admit that in the early days of Flosstube I was so nope.. not watching that!! I will stick to my blogs - but now I watch flosstube more than I read blogs... It is so much easier to "watch" while stitching and commuting! I even put my toe in the water and put up a couple of my own... but they are a lot of work and take forever to upload with our slow internet environment so I haven't done one for a wee while! Good to hear that you are enjoying the videos - there are some great flosstubers out there (and some not so good) and you will find the ones that best suit you!
Hope you're feeling better soon!
Hugs x

Kristen Strong said...

I first checked out Flosstube months ago and wasn't impressed, but then Paulette Stewart made a video, and through her channel I found some others that I just love. It's a matter of finding the right stitchers, either because they have the same taste in patterns or because of the stitcher's personality. Speaking of which, if you haven't watched McKenna of Every Stitch Counts, make a point to do so. She is a kick!

Paula said...

I wondered if you watched floss tube. The floss tubers break all kinds of old lady stereotypes. Young, old, male, tattooed, on and on.

Beth said...

Social media is such a drain on my 'free' time as it is - Facebook and blogs mostly. I've resisted Twitter and Instagram because - further drains on my time. But confess to be intrigued by Flosstube. Maybe in 2018 I'll explore it. I am a word-based person too - feel like I have so much of myself invested in my blog - I'm willing to be the last man standing and just have it as my daily diary if that's how it turns out.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I like watching Flosstube while I stitch but I feel it is very "them and us", not because of the vloggers but it's the way their subscribers treat them.
Whereas blogs have always felt like "us".
There's no way I could tweet, not unless they increase the characters to 1,400. I refuse to do the work's twit feed but do the Facebook.

Brigitte said...

I also love to watch and listen to some videos on floss tube, it's a nice ting to do while ironing or stitching. But no FB, IG or Twitter for me. I'll just stay with blogs and some floss tubers.