Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fashioning Cross-Stitch

Pilates last night and a hair appointment tonight, so nothing to show. How about a fashion show?

Emma Roberts’s Moschino needlepoint purse (sold out) is my favorite “edgy Grandma accessory.” The article encourages the reader, who they imagine can’t afford a Moschino bag (raises hand), to stitch their own. But of course, since Grandma is invoked in the title, she closes the article too: “And if you need help, give Grandmama a call.” (Eyeroll.)

Sticking with the fashion theme, here's a story about the 176 year old Angels Costumes. The north London warehouse’s 1.5 million outfits make it the largest privately owned collection of costume for film, theatre and television anywhere in the world.

The journalist who wrote about this "ugly Christmas sweater" maybe has never heard this Christmas song?


Robin in Virginia said...

Cool looking purse, but I really like the 'ugly' sweater.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The bag is wonderful even if Grandma does have to help make it!
I had never heard of the hippo song until an American blogger mentioned it recently.