Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Here we are at the end of October. Already.

I set out to:
  • Stitch using my three day rotation
  • Read The River at Night for Books on Tap (10/17)
  • Make one dozen Christmas cards
  • Bling Christian's Stocking and send to the finisher
Here's what I managed: bling Christian's Stocking and send to the finisher.

I'm looking at my calendar to see what I did instead. I went to see a chamber orchestra concert with one piece narrated by Barney Frank. I worked one Saturday for homecoming and that same weekend for the library book sale (two days). I did two presentations outside of work hours for the students about the endowed scholarship program. I went to see Black Violin (who are awesome, and you should see, especially if you have a little musician in your house). I celebrated a birthday. I had to skip stamping because I had dizzy spells and couldn't drive, or you know, anything else. I started taking a Pilates class. I went to a Quizzo fundraiser with some friends. (We won for best team name...and the grand prize!) I went back to Pilates class. I went out to dinner with some friends. 

But tomorrow, besides being Stella's birthday, is NaBloPoMo and we had so much fun last year with me {trying} to stitch every day to entertain you. Let's do that again!

See you tomorrow!


Needle Nicely said...

Worried about you on our birthday--Hope at least your birth day was enjoyable.
I'm looking forward to November so I can read you everyday.

Robin in Virginia said...

Even though you didn't get much accomplished from your list (good going on getting the stocking 'blinged' and sent off), I think you accomplished quite a bit during October. Happy belated birthday wishes! Looking forward to seeing more of you in November!

Paula said...

Yay, NaBloPoMo!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You did the important thing - got the stocking sorted!

Hope things improve this month, especially with the dizzy spells.

Von said...

You had such a full month, Nikki! Sometimes we just can't do all that we'd like, especially when dealing with things like dizziness. Do take care and get better soon!