Saturday, March 05, 2016

Welcome to Scrappy Saturday!

If you make cards or scrapbook, you are probably sitting on a giant pile of paper scraps. You cut a layer from that card stock or punch a shape from a printed paper, and the rest of the sheet is...put into a pile for use at some future date which is probably never.

The only time I really craft with scraps is when I get the idea to craft with scraps! This month, I'll be making cards without cutting into any new paper. If I don't have the absolutely "right" color, I'll make do. (That's the hardest thing for me. Not using the right color.)

I took my inspiration from a Hungarian blogger who was recreating expensive notebooks that she wanted. I started with the multicolored scrap in the center and pulled colors that would work with it. I changed the direction of my stitches and decided to use colored ink. Then I remembered I had a stamp that also had stitch marks, and used that.

I'm not gonna lie...this card was a pita to make. Lots of trimming to get everything the right size. And then the stitch marks! (You could of course do those with a machine if you wanted.) Anyway, only one...and only for a very special person!


Linda said...

I love the card Nikki.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great card for a patchwork maker.

Robin in Virginia said...

I like its patchwork look! Well done!

Bea said...

The patchwork look is great and very good colour choices.

Anonymous said...

You've been up to some very cool crafting! I love the crazy quilt paper. :)