Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours. (If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, that's okay. You can save this list for Christmas. And if you don't celebrate that, I think you should take up Thanksgiving.)

It's probably difficult for (most of) you to think further than your next turkey-stuffing-cranberry sauce sandwich, but I thought it would be fun to compile a short list of recipes for leftovers.

Nacho Turkey Casserole if you are looking for something healthy to use up the leftovers, this is not that recipe. If you are looking for something to make you want to eat the leftovers, go with this.
Turkey Tetrazzini When I was growing up, Thanksgiving meant turkey tetrazzini. But back in the bad old days it was canned mushrooms and peas. I've never tried this particular version, but it looks familiar but with fresh mushrooms and frozen peas and panko. Sometimes our recipes need updating! Wait, this recipe has no mushrooms! WTF? Add mushrooms. Sauteed. 8 oz ought to do it. You can use sliced or run the knife over them. Either way. (I should probably find another recipe.)

Cranberry Sauce
I make this from scratch every year even though I am the only one who eats it. (One year I left everyone know I had made it and cranberry sauce consumption increased threefold.) So I end up with lots of leftovers.
Grilled Cheese I saw a recipe that suggested a grilled cheese of cranberry sauce and cheddar, but my favorite grilled cheese growing up was grilled cream cheese. I'm so trying that!
Cranberry Baked Brie Bites (from Lizzie*Kate daughter, Ali) I think this may be the recipe that pulls the dude over to the dark side. (Cranberry isn't really a flavor the British palate is used to, kind of like peanut butter. I know, right?)
Cranberry Pancakes sound pretty good too. Maybe I'll forget to put the cranberry sauce out all together...

Mashed Potatoes
German Potato Pancakes These aren't the usual latke-style pancakes but they look just as delicious!
Loaded Mashed Potato Bake Fancy. Fattening. Fun!
Mashed Potato Soup This will stick to your ribs. Unfortunately for much of the East Coast it might be a little warm for this yet...

Stuffing Waffles If I had a waffle iron, I'd be all over this!
Stuff something else Use your leftover stuffing to stuff a squash or a mushroom!

Thanksgiving Pizza Sounds scrumptious!
Phyllis Diller's Garbage Soup My mother was dedicated to this recipe when we were growing up! To a base of beef broth, you basically add everything that is in your refrigerator. I made Garbage Soup with Thanksgiving leftovers. I loved it. The dude thought I ruined the soup by adding the stuffing. {Shrug} My mom used to put pizza in the Garbage Soup, so you decide.

I hope you enjoy your leftovers in good health!


CalamityJr said...

What great ideas; thanks. I'd give you a run for your cranberry leftovers, though - that's the best after only the dressing/stuffing/filling (depending on where you're from, lol). Have a blessed day.

Yekaterina Haussler said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for the ideas - I think I will definitely try the Garbage Soup this year.

Robin in Virginia said...

Thanks for the links for changing up the leftovers! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Julie said...

Blessings to you

Bea said...

Thanks for the recipes. Since my Thanksgiving leftovers are long gone, I'll have to try some of these the Christmas ones.