Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Come Back?

If you are inclined, you can download this one here.
You know how I enjoy the ironies of cross stitch--the old lady craft being undertaken by young people. The stories that show how the super-feminine craft is being used in ways not usually associated with femininity (porn, protest, feminist messaging). The highly educated woman taking up cross-stitch which was once the limit of a girl's education.

The candidate who famously decided not to "stay home and bake cookies" has a cross-stitch pattern available on her website. The Atlantic covered it recently. But instead of enjoying the ironies, they've decided that cross-stitch is making a comeback. Fine by me.


Julie said...

I think a lot of crafts are making a comeback, people are realising the value of having some relaxation time that means you sit quietly and produce something nice with your time, and of course learn a new skill in the process that will be with you forever.

Susan said...

I was amused by the statement in the Atlantic article that crossstitch requires inexpensive supplies. Maybe the author and I have different definitions of "inexpensive."

Beth W said...

I'm all for the "revival" of a craft that encourages thought, reflection, conversation and engagement (as opposed to sitting and absorbing something, mindlessly). Well done you, being ahead of this "comeback". You're a trend setter!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Interesting article. I'm glad it's making a comeback because I never realised it had been away!