Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Smithsonian Yarnbomb

(or, "Best Pal Made It Tuesday")

I've had a special request from best pal. We both hope you will share this information widely.

She worked on the yarnbomb of the Smithsonian! How cool is that?

The project was in aid of Japanese performance and installation artist Chuharu Shiota's new installation at the Sackler Gallery. "Haunted by the traces that the human body leaves behind, the work amasses personal memories of lost individuals and past moments through an accumulation of discarded shoes and notes collected by the artist." If you look at the photos here, it will become clear why the yarnbomb is done all in red.

This exhibit will be on view through June 7, 2015. If you are in Washington, DC you should go. And if you can't get there, you can read about the shoes here. But you should go. When was the last time you went to D.C.?


diamondc said...

Congratulations to your friend, if I do get that way the yarnbomb will be my first visit the Smithsonian.

Thank-you for sharing this.

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing Nikki. That was awesome.


Margaret said...

So so cool!!! I wish I were going there. I'd go see it in a flash!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Claim to fame there! The installation looks so striking in that red.

I have never been to Washington, having only visited America once.

Susan said...

We miss our frequent trips to DC since our daughter has graduated from the college she attended there. This looks like a must-see and I may try to see it next spring when I go to the Woodlawn exhibit.