Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I Made It! Cookies

I Made it Monday; I Photographed it Tuesday

I alluded to making cookie of the month club for my grandmothers last Christmas but haven't actually said much about that project. I could not for the life of me come up with gift ideas for these old ladies last December. Nothing. And then my aunt was complaining about how Maggie eats nothing but cookies and I thought, "Eureka!" Which is probably not what she wanted me to think. She wanted me to think about how to get complete nutrition into her without resorting to Ensure.

So every month for the past year I've made cookies. These here were supposed to be applesauce cookies. (I do try to up the nutritional content occasionally.) We had opened a giant jar that we didn't want to go to waste. And then while it was waiting to be made into cookies, it moldered.

So these are Reese's Chewy Chocolate Cookies (those are peanut butter chips). I took the picture this morning, but the weather is horrible. Go look at the pretty cookies on the Hershey's site. I'll wait.

Here are the recipes I've made so far this year in case you were looking for cookies to make. (I'm looking at you, Sweetpea.)

January: Toffee Bit cookies
February: banana cookies (Fanny Farmer)
March: pineapple and pistachio cookies (Fanny Farmer)
April: Laura Bush's Cowboy cookies (small size)
May: koulourakia* I cheated; my cousin made them!
June: White chocolate chip--I used Ghirardelli chips, but I don't remember which recipe. (In fact, my aunt had to check the letter I sent my grandmother to see what they were because I forgot June all together.) I think oatmeal may have been involved, but nuts were not.
July: Lime Meltaways
August: Nutella Kiss (Maggie says, the best yet!)

*a Greek shortbread, style cookie.


Thoeria said...

Yummy! The cookies look dicine! Chocolate is my kryptonite! Nutella cookies?! Oh I am so trying that one!

Giovanna said...

Oh my, those look wonderful - well done!

Carol said...

That is such a great gift idea for an older person (or any age, actually :)

Great job on reaching your goal--they look wonderful!

riona said...

Which edition of Fanny Farmer had the pineapple-pistachio cookies ... I don't remember seeing that in my cookbook which was given to me as a shower gift and is currently held together by several heavy duty rubber bands. I really don't want to buy another book since this one falls open automatically to all my favorites and has additional recipes on the fly leaves and all sorts of marginalia in the main text. I am going to have to try the Nutella Kiss and Lime Melt Away cookies. The very names of these cookies have me salivating.

Annie said...

Cookie of the month sounds like something to really look forward to. I love how you've found so many interesting flavors. The latest ones look delicious!