Friday, September 26, 2014

Flashback Friday: Interior Decorating

May we exhort such of our readers as have no pictures hanging in their rooms, to put one up immediately? We mean in their principal sitting-room--in all their rooms, if possible, but at all events in that one. No matter how costly, or the reverse, provided they see something in it, and it gives them a profitable or pleasant thought. Some may allege that they have "no taste for pictures;" but they have a taste for objects to be found in pictures--for trees, for landscapes, for human beauty, for scenes of life; or if not for all these, yet surely for some one of them; and it is highly useful for the human mind to give itself helps [sic] towards taking an interest in things apart [sic] from its immediate cares or desires. They serve to refresh us for their better conquest or endurance; to render sorrow unselfish; to remind us that we ourselves, or our own personal wishes , are not the only objects in the world; to instruct and elevate us, and put us in a fairer way of realizing the the good opinions which we would all fain entertain of ourselves, and in some measure do; to make us compare notes with other individuals, and with nature at large, and correct our infirmities at their mirror by modesty and reflection--in short, even the admiration of a picture is a kind of religion or additional tie on our consciences, and rebinding of us (for such is the meaning of the word religion) to the greatness and goodness of nature.
"Put Up a Picture in Your Room," Leigh Hunt. Godey's Magazine and Lady's Book; Jan 1848; vol 36, p 54.

WOW! Who knew interior decoration was so important? I'm pretty sure I don't have to exhort you to put up pictures in your homes, although it did take me almost a year to put some up in my office.

This one:
Cape Neddick Light


Kristen said...

A.K.A. Nubble Light, a fixture of my childhood. Great choice, Nikki.

Anna van Schurman said...

My parents live in Wells, so yes lots of memories. :)

Margaret said...

lol! Such an outpouring of feeling about hanging a picture!

Ralee said...

so funny. My wall weep now thanks to my penchant for samplers when they see me with a hammer and nail. Check Pinterest for pics of my sampler walls :).

Kathy A. said...

LOL! I must have read this in my younger years because (according to the DH) I have pictures in every available inch of space.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Absolutely agree, there is nothing more abhorrent that a naked wall!