Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Halfway There

And so we are halfway through 2014. Some of my goals are being accomplished. I just worry that not many of them are related to this blog. Earlier this year, I laid out some of my creative goals:

  • Stitch more smalls--I've done two. Not as successful as last year's ornaments.
  • Finish-finish 12 stitched pieces--None, but I have six more months!
  • Keep the craft room tidy--I wish it were in my nature! LOL
  • Make cards in advance of needing them--Some. I could use more sympathy notes, unfortunately.
  • Plan Craft Month, and work ahead--Oh, so sad. I don't think I could have planned for how sick I got in March. 
  • Stitch two threads each night--Started off well, tapered off. I plan to get back to it.
  • Complete stitching eight pieces (in addition to the smalls)--A lack of stitching leads to a lack of finishing, unfortunately.
Wow, we're not doing well. I do have to keep focused on the big picture, though. I have six months to achieve some of these things, I have goals and am not floundering around trying to find direction in my life, I am being successful in other areas, and well, no one will die if these things don't get done.

In fact, let's look at the goals the dude and I put together in January:
  • Volunteer--this was really for the dude; and he is teaching ESL and serving on the library's board. (I volunteer with an animal rescue and the library.)
  • Attend more cheese tastings--went to one at DiBruno Brother's recently. 
  • Weekend walks (some with Stella)--The dude has been great about this, bringing Stella to Ridley State Park and Valley Forge. Over Memorial Day we did another with the dog at Ridley again. The heat and humidity might curtail such activities temporarily.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables--We joined the CSA and are up to our eyeballs in vegetables. The fruit share is coming in slowly, but we're eating it!
  • Take quarterly weekend trips--Yes
  • Unusual Tours--Have you heard of Sidetour? They do some unique things and we had meant to do one for my cousin's husband's birthday but his schedule is hectic. Anyway, still opportunities for tours in NY and Philadelphia.
  • Union Game--on the docket
  • More dinners with friends--we have been pretty successful at this. Everyone has to eat!
  • Go to -----'s party (We get invited to a specific one every year and never go. This year!)--Haven't been invited yet. 
  • See more movies, especially at BMFI--define "more." LOL. We have gone a few times. We could step this up.
  • Write a will--we have a couple of lawyers, now to choose.
  • Write to Maggie, Rita and Edith monthly--very good at this one!
  • Paint trim (the whole house)--nada
  • Clean out the basement--tis the season. It's unfinished, so summer is the perfect time.
  • Declutter--we've been working on it, but could step it up.
  • Use elliptical trainer regularly--again, could do more.
  • Enter Maryland State Fair--Better remind the dude about this one! The deadline is coming.
  • Dude, see dentist and doctor--Better remind the dude about this one; soon he won't be able to get appointments until next year. ;)
  • Build a house with Habitat--We had pegged this for fall.
  • Visit more gardens--We've been to Longwood and Chanticleer so far.
  • Plan trip abroad--Working on it.
  • Try new restaurants--We've done so well, I've crossed it off the list!
  • Find another group like cookbook club--We were going to the Read Around group but it conflicts with the dude's tutoring. But the point is, we are trying!
I like having this opportunity to reflect and see where I've been successful, and where I need to concentrate my efforts more.


Margaret said...

Looks to me like your general list is doing pretty well. Nice goals too!

Pamela said...

It's amazing to me how fast time seems to go by these days. I always want to make goals and keep track but I'm not so good at completing my lists. Last year I had six things on my stitching list and completed only three. This year I have three and have only completed one half way through the year. I think you are doing well with such long lists.

Beth said...

After reading your post, I think you and the Dude have made some amazing commitments to changes in your lives. More trips, better health, Dog Time, Gardens, volunteering jeez! You are doing it ALL!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Well, I'm exhausted reading your list! I'm not surprised there hasn't been much stitching going on with your busy social life.

I must ask about the "Build a house with Habitat", what's that all about? Is it an actual house? Habitat is a home furnishing shop in the UK. You could furnish your entire home there is you like simple classic styles.

Thoeria said...

My head's spinning at all those goals!!! Some great one's there and looks like you're plodding along gettin there :)

C in DC said...

You have a full life, and now you have nieces!