Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Love Your Whovian

This card has winged its way to the UK. My BIL should be opening it soon. This is right up his alley!

The directions for the Tardis card aren't awesome if you are a card crafter. There are some much easier ways to do the things she outlines in these directions. You can do it her way and things will work, but if you have some experience, you may wish to use, say, a paper cutter and square punches.

I'm not going to lie to you, the map fold--the interior--was difficult and frustrating. I have no ability to rotate shapes in my head, so I called in the dude, but he fared no better at following those instructions. If you're an old hand at origami, you should be okay. Otherwise try to find a video. (We couldn't.) But it is imperative to make the fold--it has to be bigger on the inside.

I finally just sort of did my best, and as it turns out, that was good enough!

Happy birthday, Alan.


Linda said...

Another great card Nikki.


Thoeria said...

Oh I love Doctor Who!!!! I'm a HUGE fan! I'd make this for myself....but all those folds ....I've never been good at following directions :D

riona said...

I think the card is very attractive. But I admit I am intimidated by the intricate folding inside. It reminds me of those paper "fortune tellers" that, as schoolchildren, we baby boomers manipulated with thumb and forefinger. Never did get the knack of making or manipulating those darn things.

Margaret said...

Fantastic! The interior sounds too intricate for me. But the tardis is perfect for Dr. Who fans!

Christine said...

That is awesome!

Nina said...

On your post from March 9 you thank those that post. I don't comment but really should because I can certainly understand that having the feedback keeps you going. I know I'm not alone - there are probably many other silent readers out there.
I really enjoy your blog. I read every word you write and love your wit and sarcasm. Plus I learn things along the way.
I may be silent but I'm here just about every day. Is that what others mean by lurking?
Please don't stop. And, for my part, I'll try to post more.

Donna said...

Love your month of March posts!

C in DC said...

Love the card.

Starting with a square piece of paper would make folding this a whole lot easier.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Oh dear, why do I feel challenged to master the map fold now?

My brother's Birthday is in May. I might feel driven to make this for him!!