Friday, March 22, 2013

Still More Fabric Flowers

Judging from your comments, yesterday's flowers were a huge winner! Most comments this month. So far...

Last night I went up to the craft room to start my new fabric flower. It was one I remember my mom making back in the day. Only, I had the wrong gauge wire for the project. Quick! To Pinterest! What can I make, right now?

I found this little tutorial on a new-so fabric flower (hot glue!) that appeared on Scattered Thoughts of a Craft Mom. She used these flowers as accents on a variety of projects. Fabric, buttons, hot glue...I had everything I needed!

I cut my circles (using framelits and my Big Shot) and heated up the glue gun. I started folding, but...wait...that doesn't look like a flower...(I actually like this one, and I'm going to find a way to use my little flower bud.)

Let's try this again. The folds are right, but with this busy fabric, you just can't tell.

Now that's better. Cute even. Now to find projects in need of little button flower accents.

I've gone off to the craft store for the right wire. Fingers crossed! (If you're tired of fabric flowers, sit tight. I made a run to the bead store and I've got some funky new things on the way!)
(I also purchased the eight items I needed to enter Joann's "Create with 8" contest. And I need to get that up on their site pronto.)


Lelia said...

these are charming!

I adore fabric flowers - they are fun to make and wear (IMO)

Margaret said...

Oh those are cute! I have to see what this contest is you're entering now. Good luck!

Linda said...

Cute flowers Nikki.


Mouse said...

ohhhh now I love these .... :) may even have a go myself ;) love mouse xxxxx