Friday, March 29, 2013

Hitting the Wall

Last night, I did not feel like crafting. I had planned to update some of the wooden accessories in my kitchen--paper towel holder, the K cup drawer, and the knife block. I was inspired by this pin on pinterest. But it looked like rain all day yesterday*, and I hadn't really considered what color to use. Our appliances are white; our back splash is slate grey; the floor is black and white and the walls are "gypsy gold." Some of the small appliances are red. So many choices. Anyway, by the time Facebook helped me out, I was in no mood to head out for spray paint. (Here's the photo if you want to play along.)

The dude took the dog for a walk. That's usually when I head upstairs to make my daily craft. And then the dude and Stella came home, and there I sat. Hadn't moved since they left. The dude was a little stricken, "It's 9:30!" I took the computer and marched up to the craft room, but I was channeling Bartleby. The dude was right: I can't stumble this close to the finish line!

Making this card would have been a whole lot easier if I didn't have to dig through piles (piles!) of stuff on the craft table (and I still can't find my corner rounder). But at last, I came up with this criss-cross card.

The insert slides out for your note. The ribbon and band are permanent. I would have done a few things differently if I were not racing against the clock. If I had known I was using blue for the band, I would have criss-crossed with the big flowers (and greater variety of colors) on the outside. I would have stamped the little butterfly so he showed more (or possibly less) and closer to the sentiment. And I would have rounded the corners on the insert too.

Still, not bad for a girl who preferred not to.

Good news, I am in the kitchen for my crafts for the next two days. And then...drumroll...grand finale!

And someone around here is mobilizing for April to be named "National Clean up the Craft Room Month!"

*high humidity is bad for spray paint


Sandye said...

I think your Paper Towel Holder would look great in red, but then all my kitchen accents are red, so maybe I'm biased.

Needle Nicely said...

I've got to get with it--it never occurred to me to paint the knife block. That's a big DUH! from me.
Thanks for the idea.

Anne Sans Tete -- Nome de plume! said...

That's a really cute card!

Margaret said...

And it's wonderful! You are so close to being done! And every craft so cool too!

Linda said...

Another wonderful card Nikki. Your almost done.


Beth said...

You have an eye for color - the card is fab!

Chris said...

Not bad at all for someone who didn't want to indeed.. its a very nice card!

Cole said...

I love the colors in the card!

Keep going, you're so close to the finish line!! I can't wait to see the grand finale!